Little Traveler

A one night stand, the two go their ways,
but something left behind, is there to stay.
A little traveler, follows a path, finds a home, the story is cast.
Within the home, multiplying is done, the project is growing, she has a son.
The fetus is growing, it’s a heartbeat so soon, a baby is forming, in his mother’s womb.
Soon arms and legs, with small feet and hands, wondrous creation, all understand.
Soon there is movement, he stretches and yawns, he feels so safe, he sucks on his thumb.
Something is wrong, pain in his arm, he wants to scream, then his arm is gone.
Just the beginning, of an unborn baby's life, ended so quickly, just an aborted life.
He should have been safe, in his mother's womb, what was the reason, this babe died so soon?
An unwanted child, might be in the way, coming a little too soon, abortions the way.
No thought of adoption, crossed his mother’s mind, just end this problem, now is the time.
Have you ever wondered, who this child could be, maybe an inventor, to improve humanity?
It matters not, the child is gone, along with his family, who will not come along.
Very few reasons, can be justified, to abort a baby, to end its young life.
Please consider more options, to let a child live.
How would you feel?
If abortion’s what your mother did?
All that you love, suddenly gone, all of your grandkids, will never come along.
If you support abortion, think on these things, change comes slowly, you may be the key.
Support more education, make more options free, Let’s reduce abortion, Let babies be “me”. 

Amen and Amen 
A poem by R.A. Steiner Jr
Thru God’s Inspiration 
I Love God’s Inspiration!

Wake Up New Mexico

Hello, my name is Suzanne, and I was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1968. I was adopted six weeks later.

Before I was born, my birth mother took DES (Diethylstilbestrol)(Click for more information). DES is synthetic estrogen that was taken to prevent miscarriages and premature deliveries. As of today, the drug is no longer in use. Even though my mother put me up for adoption, she cared about my health during her pregnancy.

Fast forward to today when I heard about the young woman in Hobbs, New Mexico, who threw her unwanted baby in a dumpster. I was very saddened and upset. It is sickening to realize that her baby could have been legally aborted one day before birth since babies in the womb are not protected by law in the state of New Mexico. When a baby is out of the womb, killing it is considered a crime, and rightfully so, but in the womb aborting a baby of the same developmental age is considered legal.

We do not know what was going through this young lady's mind. She was in a state of crisis. She could have been confused, overwhelmed, fearful, and terrified. We can not know what she was thinking. The bible says in Hebrews 10:17 "And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more." This verse speaks loudly to me. If the Lord is willing to remember my sins and iniquities no more, then shouldn't we as Christians do the same to others. This story has brought many emotions anger, shock, and disturbance. I think the best way to deal with these emotions is prayer. In case you did not follow the story the child survived. Praise the Lord!!

After hearing this story, I began waking up in the middle of the night after having dreams of people wearing T-shirts that said “Wake Up New Mexico” on the front and facts about late-term abortion on the back. I saw people standing in line at the grocery store wearing those shirts and spreading that information. I believe these dreams were sent to me by God. As I began discussing the dreams with my friends, I was shocked by how many of them were unaware of how late a pregnancy can be terminated in New Mexico. 

I think we have failed in educating the youth who find themselves in crisis. In the state of New Mexico we have Safe Haven Laws to prevent this. "Anyone can drop off a baby not more than 90 days old with the staff of a hostpital without fear of criminal prosecution for abandonment or abuse of the child if the child has not been subject to child abuse or neglect prior to relinquishment."
-New Mexico Satutes Chapeter 24. Health and Safety § 24-22-3(A) Leaving an infant (Click for more informaiton)
All of the Safe Haven Laws can be found here.

I would like to thank Bud and Tara Shaver with Pro-Life Witness for helping me with my research and compiling all these facts.

In James 1:22, we are called to “be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” That is why we have to spread the facts about late-term abortions in New Mexico.

Do not merely listen to the word,
and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.
Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone
who looks at his face in the mirror and,
after looking at himself,
goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.
But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom,
and continues in it-not forgetting what they have heard,
but doing it-they will be blessed in what they do.
-James 1:22 (NIV)

The Facts

Albuquerque is known for being the late term abortion capital of the nation. Bud and Tara Shaver have helped me to bring these facts together. You can visit the page dedicated to this fact here. (Click for more information)

As you do not know the path of the wind,
or how the body is formed in a mother's womb,
so you cannot understand the work of God,
the Maker of all things.
-Ecclesiastes 11:5 (NIV)

New Mexico tax dollars are used to fund abortions. Whether you support abortions or not, your New Mexico state taxes are used to help fund them. LifeNews has an article outlining the details. (Click for more information)

New Mexico is one of eight states that allow abortions up to birth. Daily Wire has information on our state as well as others. On that site there is an informative video with Dr. Anthony Levatino, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. (Click for video)

Viability is possible outside of the womb as soon as 24 weeks. Survivability is much greater at 26 weeks. You can find our source material and more information about Viability here.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
-Psalms 139:13,14 (NIV)

The heartbeat can be heard as early as six to eight weeks. Hearing the heartbeat is a big milestone for parents. Healthline has more information on when the heartbeat can be detected. (Click for more information)

How do we change this?

Number of Abortions

This web site shows real-time estimates of number of abortions for several catagories. It is disturbing to see the numbers change in real time. I think it is an important tool to get a grasp on the reality of abortion. (Click for more information)

Pro-Life Witness

Video provided by Bud and Tara Shaver. You can visit their site below!


Save the Storks

  • Pro-Life Witness

    "Bud and Tara Shaver are a Christian missionary family who are working to make New Mexico Abortion Free. Putting their faith into action, for the past 11 years they have exposed Albuquerque as the late term abortion capital of the nation and have worked to bring accountability to an unregulated abortion industry." Use the link to learn why New Mexico is known as the, "Late-Term Abortion Capital of the nation" (Click for more infomration)

    Donate to Pro-Life Witness 
  • Care Net

    “Care Net provides compassionate support to women and men faced with difficult pregnancy decisions. Services provided by local Care Net centers may include: Pregnancy decision coaching by trained advocates, Free pregnancy tests, Free Ultrasounds, Free STI Testing, Early Pregnancy health assessment, Information about pregnancy options, Birth preparation courses, Material resources, Community referrals, Pregnancy and Parenting education classes, Abstinence Education, Abortion Pill Reversal, Post-decision support (including parenting education and abortion recovery groups).We provide a safe place for women and their families to explore their options related to pregnancy and their future.  We fulfill this mission by being the most trusted faith-based provider of confidential, loving support and free services, including limited medical care.” If you would like to learn more about Care Net, you can visit their site. (Click for more information) You can also simply donate to their New Mexico team below.

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  • Save the Storks

    "We are here to tell a different story. One that reaches the hearts of women facing unplanned pregnancies; one that educates them on all their options. We want women to know that they are not alone. When we empower women with compassion, education, and holistic care, we not only empower them to choose a better life for themselves and their children, but we also create a culture that respects and values every life." Save the Storks has supplied Care Net with their mobile unit. You can see all the ways they help support mothers on their site. (Click for more information)

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New Mexico Late-Term Abortion T-Shirt

In addition to this T-shirt, you will get five business cards with different facts from the T-shirt and a bible verse. Business cards are an excellent way to share the website with people. For every T-shirt ordered, $3 will go to Care Net in New Mexico, $3 will go to the New Mexico Care Net mobile unit, and $3 to Pro-Life Witness.

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